Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Today was tough. I felt like I was really dragging at the end of each of the 3 minute segments. At the end of the first one we couldn't hear the alert and we actually ran a little bit longer than 3 minutes. At the end of the second 3 minute run I was really tired and was getting a sideache. I kept wanting to look at the clock because I thought maybe we didn't hear the timer. I finally did look at the clock only to discover we were just 5 seconds away from the walk portion. I wish I would have just kept running those last few seconds instead of peeking at the timer.

I did push myself a lot harder today though. I ran faster and picked my legs up more. So that's probably why I got tired sooner. I really am starting to have more of a runner's stance. I'm using my body more to propel itself. It feels good. My calves and shins didn't hurt as much today as they did on W3D1. That was a great improvement!

The weather wasn't so bad today either. Cooler than some days we've had recently and there was a slight breeze. Pretty sunny though. It's amazing how different it feels to run in the shade versus the full sun. I always wish the trails were 100% shade. And it always seems like our 3 minute run segments are right on the sunniest parts of the trail!

The good thing about today is that those 90 second runs went by really fast. When you start running 3 minute segments those 90 second runs feel like nothing! We'll see how we do next week when we bump it up to 5 minute runs with shorter walks!


  1. Thanks for posting your progress! I'm a day behind you on the program, so it's interesting to see what's in store for me. I'm impressed that you were able to talk during your W3D1. I did it this morning and by the end I was gasping for breath. It looks like your day 2 was easier - hopefully it works out the same for me.

  2. Hi, welcome to my blog! Do you have a blog too?

    The talking comes and goes. We usually do most of our talking during the walking parts. Although sometimes we can get a few words out during the running portions. I've usually been gasping for breath at the end of those 3 min segments too. It will be interesting to see what happens when we bump it up to 5 minutes in week 4 and decrease the walking time by 50%. Probably going to be less talking for awhile then, until we get used to it more.