Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Today was hard! I feel like I say that every time but I really did have a hard time today. Maybe it is just something about day 2 of each week. It always feels like day 2 is the hardest! Perhaps because you aren't quite used to the new routine yet and you are still sore from day 1?

I think we started running off faster for awhile today. At least Husband S said we were running harder.

My calves hurt pretty bad after the first 5 minute segment. And my shins. I don't know if I had shin splints or not. But everything just felt very tight and cramped. Perhaps I didn't drink enough water earlier today.

The last 5 minute segment was the hardest. I just seemed to lose my speed and was going pretty slow toward the end when I could see the starting bridge off in the distance.

But all that matters is that I finished! We made it back to that starting bridge again!

I hope day 3 goes better than today. Maybe I'll have to repeat a day or something because I'm not sure I'm ready for week 5 yet!

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