Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Running Attire That I Started With

This is what I used to wear while I ran. The attire of weeks 1 - 3:

Tank tops. I have a few different colors. My favorite one is a purple one I bought at Old Navy for $5. These were bought for my summer wardrobe back when we were non-runners.

Soffe Shorts. I have many colors of these too - royal blue, gray, purple, and black with fluorescent colors splashed on them (totally 80's). I bought all of these back when we were non-runners for about $4 to $7 each at Kohl's. They are super comfy, hence why I bought them pre-running. My normal shorts were always getting too tight and I couldn't button them anymore. So I switched to these elastic band shorts. It's sad, but true. Hopefully if I keep running I can fit into my normal zipper and button shorts again.

Skecher Sport Shoes. These aren't real running shoes. In fact, I bought these as everyday shoes last year. I bought two pairs of these shoes because I liked them so much. The arch fell in just the right place. I have problems finding shoes where the arches line up with my feet correctly. I wore my silver and blue pair of these shoes everyday to work/school. They were so worn down that they hurt my feet on the first two days of the C25K program. I finally pulled out my brand-new orange and silver pair of these shoes, which I had been storing in the closet until the silver/blue pair was worn out. These have a lot more padding in them compared to the older pair and have been fine so far for my runs in this program. Some day I will get a new pair of real running shoes! These Skecher shoes cost me about $26/pair at JCPenney's last fall.

What do you wear when you run? Is there a certain brand of shoe that has worked well for you?

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