Thursday, September 30, 2010


Today was the best run yet! It was such a good run. The weather was perfect - upper 60's and sunny, but not too sunny because the trees were shading the trail partially by 6pm. The air was crisp and it felt like fall, my favorite season.

We started off our run by sprinting pretty fast. We joked around that we should run as fast as we could the whole run. That only lasted about 30 seconds and then we fell into an actual pace that would allow us to last 25 minutes. Still, we had a much faster pace today than previous days and it showed. We were able to get farther on the trail than any other runs. We made it all the way to the old apartment building we lived in. Maybe ~2.7 miles total today?

The bad thing is that my heel started to hurt on the way back. Just after the half way point, I stopped to tighten my shoe because it was sort of moving around and I thought that might be causing the problem. That didn't really fix it though. While I was running I could feel my heel starting to hurt but I just kept working through it. However, a few hours later now it is really hurting when I put any weight on my left foot to walk. I hope I didn't do something to my Achilles or a bone. I don't want to get injured! I want to keep running. I'm scared though. It doesn't feel right.

I think our next run will be Saturday morning and I'm really hoping that my foot is better by then. I want to make that run just as good as today's, if not better! I feel like we could do the 5K now. We probably could've done it today! I'm excited about the fact that soon we will be able to run that far, even if we haven't technically signed up for a race yet to run that far! Am I the only one who is doing this program who hasn't signed up for a 5K yet?

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