Monday, September 6, 2010

It's Official: We're Runners Now!

We visited an outlet mall this holiday weekend and shopped at the Nike Outlet Store. We wanted to buy some warmer workout wear because it is going to get cold pretty fast and we don't want to be running outside in that weather in shorts and tank tops. Just this weekend it got down to the 40's at night. Brrrr. So I went into the Nike store looking for some warmer running clothes and came out with a lot more than that! Check it out:

Nike Dri-Fit Track Jacket, Style number 362794, $24.99

Nike Dri-Fit Running Bra, Style number 362768, $12.99

Nike Dri-Fit Running Bra, Style number 362768, $14.99

Nike Tempo Shorts, Style number 211646, $12.99

Nike Dri-Fit Training Capris, Style number 208677, $9.99

Mavrk Skate Shoes, $14.99 (for everyday use, not for running! And yes, these are men's shoes, but I'm still going to wear them anyways because they are super comfy and they were in my size - 7.5 mens or 9.5 womens)

Husband S found some warmer styles too. He's really excited about his new running shoes, which he says are cushy and way better than his old shoes. Here's what he bought:

Nike Mens Jacket, Style number 339667, $19.99

Nike Mens Shorts, Style number 371638, $14.99

Nike Mens Air Max Moto+ 7 Shoes, $59.99 (I think this is the women's shoe pictured below, but the style is similar for men)

One thing that surprised me about all of these clothes is the number of pockets that they have! Pockets on the backs of the bra shirts for gel pouches. (First of all, I had no idea what a gel pouch was. So I had to google it and discovered it's a concentrated sports drink/gel.) Pockets inside the shorts. Pockets in all sorts of places on the jackets. Small pockets for keys. Larger pockets for ipods. Even a compartment in the shoes for the Nike+ program. I'd say we are race-ready now. We have enough pockets to carry keys, music, sports drinks, probably even a pocket for some mace should we decide to run in scary neighborhoods.

So now after that little shopping spree we really are invested in running. $185.89 invested. We're obligated to run now, folks. Not that I would want to stop anyway. I love running now!

P.S. In case you are curious as to what I wore while previously running, I wrote up a new post below. The shoes in that post are what I'm still going to wear while running until I save up some money for some actual running shoes.


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