Saturday, September 4, 2010


We ran W3D3 a day later than scheduled because we thought we would be hanging out with friends and going to a happy hour on Friday night. Well that didn't happen. We each had to work late right before the holiday weekend. And I had a bad confrontation with a rude coworker on Friday afternoon. By the time we got home we were too tired and drained to run. So we ran Saturday at noon instead.

The weather today was very deceiving. It was cold in our house (~64 degrees, we had the windows open) so I thought it would be cold outside. I decided to wear some yoga pants on this run. Bad idea. By the time we finished the first 90 second segment of the run I was so hot. It didn't help that it was noon and the sun was high and the trails were not very shaded. Next time I will not be wearing pants while running until I'm 100% sure that is really cold outside. I should also remember to wear sunscreen while running at noon. I'm very prone to sunburns, especially at that time of day.

The run seemed harder today. I think the work week just caught up to me. I was pretty tired. The nice thing about this run is that my knees didn't really hurt. I was getting worried earlier in the week because I felt like my knees kept getting locked up and were swollen. Everything was better today though. It's funny how these things come and go so fast.

I did feel like I ran out of juice by the end of the run. The last 3 minute segment really wore on me. I think it was the combination of the sun and the tight yoga pants. It was just too hot to run in those pants. I actually got a sideache during the cool-down walk; which is odd for me because I usually get sideaches while running, not while walking.

Like always though, I felt much better after the run. That adrenaline really does help you continue on your day! Overall, both Husband S and I have noticed that we seem to be getting a little bit more toned from this program. The scale hasn't reflected any major changes yet, for me at least. In fact, I think the scale has gone up since I've started this program. Increased muscle weight, perhaps? But the fact that I do feel a tiny bit more toned in the stomach region gives me hope that running is helping my body get into shape and get healthier! I'm hoping it helps my knees get stronger in the long run too. I want to continue downhill skiing and water skiing. Lately my weak knees have had a hard time with those sports. So hopefully running will help increase my strength in my knees and overall too.

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