Thursday, September 23, 2010


Husband S was not around today so I had to run alone. It's also been raining buckets here the past day and a half so I had to run inside on a treadmill for the first time in this program. Don't believe me? Check out this photo below of the creek by our house. It normally looks like a small stream. See that trail on the left? That's our running trail. It's completely under water! I don't know when we'll get to run on it again. Hopefully by next week?

Anyways, running on a treadmill is different. In some ways I felt like I was running faster than I do on the land, but in other ways I couldn't really gauge how fast I was going. The machine said I ran 2.4 miles by the end of the workout and burned 150 calories. Not bad, but I really thought I would have gone a farther distance especially since I was running for a total of 20 minutes today and walking for 13 minutes. Will I really make it to 3.1 miles by the time I run for 30 minutes? I guess 2.4 miles might be around what we normally travel on our outdoor runs, so I guess I'm keeping up the same pace.

I did feel like I sweat more on today's indoor run. I don't like sweating indoors so I felt pretty yucky by the end of the run. The run felt a lot harder because I had my iphone sitting in front of me on the treadmill and I kept seeing the time accidentally. The 10 minute runs went by pretty slow, especially since I didn't have Husband S with me to converse with. I am amazed though at how I can endure through the runs. It's all a mind game now. Even if my calves and shins start to cramp up I can usually work through the pain as long as I tell myself I can. Maybe it won't always be that way though, especially if I ever run for longer than 45 minutes. I could imagine hitting a wall then!

I'm looking forward to the next run because I might be able to do it with Husband S again. I hope it is back outside though. I much prefer outdoor running - more things to look at besides a white wall and a tv screen.

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