Monday, September 20, 2010


Ah, today was hard! Probably the hardest day yet. Yes, even harder than W5D3! It was really cold this morning and over the lunch hour. Then when I left work 3 hours later it was super hot. Like 85 degrees and 60% humidity. Such a drastic difference from the lunch hour when I was wearing a long sleeved shirt, jacket, and pants. The weather in my state fluctuates so much this time of year, but usually it doesn't fluctuate that much in 3.5 hours! Seriously, last night we had the heat on. This afternoon we probably could have had the A/C on!

So for our run this evening it was sunny and hot and I pulled out a tank top and the Nike tempo shorts again. Did I tell you what I think of those tempo shorts? They do NOT work for me! They rub on the inside of my legs really bad and I get a burning rash. Not fun. Kind of sucks that I spent $13 on them and now I don't want to wear them.

So anyway, we ran harder today since we knew we had the breaks in between runs today. We wanted to try to increase our distance in those times. Running faster was not a good combination with the heat and the 2 glasses of milk that I drank and the chili that I sampled just before the run. What was I thinking? I felt like I was going to throw up on this run. But I made it through. It was probably the sweatiest run yet. My face was beet red by the end.

One good thing was that the heat made my muscles feel more relaxed. It was definitely easier to stretch at the end.

As much as I love summer, I'm hoping we get our fall weather back for our next run because I kind of like running in the cold weather. Is there a certain weather you prefer for running?


  1. Just found your blog and I'm loving the progress you guys are making! I am a C25k graduate and I can't say enough good things about the program. I am the least athletic person known to man/womankind and Couch to 5k helped me find a healthy activity that I've grown to really love. I am running a 5 mile race on Sunday and have signed up for two 10ks in December. Keep up the great work and even when the workouts seem daunting, keep in mind that your boday can really amaze you. You will do great! (P.S. Sorry about the Tempos. I love mine. I'm jealous you got yours for only $13!)

  2. Welcome! Have you found training for a 10K any harder? I'd like to do a 10K someday in the future too, after I successfully run the 5K!
    I'm jealous that the tempos work for you. I really wish they worked for me because they do look nice and they are lightweight!

  3. It was a really big mental leap for me to move on from 3 miles to 4. Four miles seemed so monumental after focusing on running 3 miles for so long (I did not make it to 3 miles right after graduating from C25K; I had to keep on tacking 2 minutes to the ends of my runs to finally hit 36 minutes and then I was at 3.1 miles). Anyway, I kind of approached the 5-miler with the same attitude and slowly added on time to the ends of my runs. Once I could run for 45 minutes straight, running for another 10 or 15 minutes more to hit 5 miles wasn't so bad. I am going to take the same approach to hitting 6 miles.