Tuesday, August 17, 2010


This blog will chronicle the journey that my husband and I are taking through the C25K program. We have downloaded an iphone application to do this program. It allows us to listen to our music and at the same time we can hear the timers that tell us when to run or walk. It keeps track of everything for us! It's worth it for $2.99.

The program is 9 weeks long if we stay on track. But if things get hard I think it is OK to repeat a day or a whole week. We'll see how we do!

We haven't signed up for a 5K race at the end of this program. We aren't so much doing it for the race as we are for the training and the benefits of getting in shape. But our friends joke around that they will have a race for us. The race will be called the (insert funny Indian last name here) Classic. They claim they will even make special t-shirts for this race. The t-shirt will have an iron-on design of a numbered piece of paper safety pinned to the shirt. Get it? Instead of actually safety pinning a numbered piece of paper to a shirt like they usually do in races, my friends will actually make that the design of the shirt. Dorky idea, I know!

So this blog will basically tell my side of the story. I'm going to try to be 100% honest. It may get graphic. But that way people who want to do the C25K program (but are somewhat hesitant) will know exactly what they are getting into. I am also writing this blog for myself. I want to be able to track my progress and see how far I've come along. And if I ever fall off track again, I want to have this blog there so that I can show myself that I can get in shape and that it isn't that hard because I have done it before!

So that's the purpose of this blog. I hope you find it as valuable as I do! Welcome!

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