Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Recovery Day

Well, today was supposed to be W3D1 if we stayed on track with our every-other-day run routine. But, this weekend killed us and we needed time to recover. So tomorrow will be W3D1 instead of today.

Why did this weekend kill us? FOOD is the answer. Unhealthy food! Friday night we went out to eat at a sushi restaurant because we had a Groupon coupon to use that was going to be expired soon. Saturday we went to the State Fair. We stuffed our faces full of deep fried cheese curds, deep fried candy bars, butter soaked corn on the cob, reuben stuffed pretzels, a bucket full of cookies, ice cream, roasted almonds, apple cider, and apple freezies. It was a ton of food. Despite all of this, we still went to our neighborhood's Greek Festival today and ate pork souvlaki followed by a baklava sundae and deep fried Greek donuts.

I had every intention of running today with husband S to burn off some of those calories. But after all of this greasy food I felt like I just needed to recover for a day. So tomorrow we will start back on the C25K plan with full force! I will probably need to run about 20 miles to burn off those calories. The local paper had an article that a person needed to walk 11 miles to burn off the cheese curds alone from the fair! And 5 miles for the cookies! Maybe I'll burn off all of these calories by the end of week 9? :)

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