Friday, August 20, 2010

Recovery day 2

Today was the 2nd recovery day. I actually felt pretty great today. The groin muscles are a little sore still and I can still feel the blisters. It was another day of wearing the moccasins!

The levels of soreness were so minimal that I actually wanted to run again today and get ahead in the training program. I had planned to run right before dinner but then I had to finish some things up in the lab and I didn't get home till pretty late. So that was disappointing. But I could have ran today. And I was actually excited and looking forward to it. What am I becoming? I haven't experienced a runner's high yet, but I think I am beginning to understand for the first time in my life why people love running. It's fun to exercise without any machines or gyms. It's just you and the open road exposed in the elements. It is addicting, and I've only been doing it for 2 days!

Since I didn't get to run today and I really wanted to, I am now REALLY excited to run tomorrow (Saturday, a weekend day!). I barely feel sore right now as I type this at night so I think tomorrow will be a good run. The only thing that concerns me are the blisters and whether they will get worse if I put those Skechers back on. I may need to consider purchasing a pair of running shoes this weekend. Anyone have any recommendations for which brand of shoes to go with? I know nothing about running shoes. I'm sure there are different types of running shoes and it varies from person to person. But if anyone has any advice, please share!

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