Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Today was a harder run. Husband S thinks we are starting to get to that middle hump now that happens when you do programs like this. I think I was just sore from some stretching we did yesterday in a therapy program. The stretching exercises made me realize I wasn't fully stretching all of my muscles after each run. I found muscles that were tight and needed to be stretched more (my butt and my hamstrings). We also walked around a lot yesterday and did two spurts of sprints that were each a block long. They felt good at the time, but I think we over did it and that is why running was harder today.

It was sunny today, low 70's (much cooler than recent days), and breezy. My legs felt tighter when we were running and I thought that maybe it was due to the cooler weather. I also started to get that bloody taste in my mouth, which is weird because I was just commenting earlier about that and how it hadn't happened yet in any previous runs. Usually, I always used to get that bloody taste anytime I would run any distance. Husband S thought I hadn't had it yet in the C25K program because the weather has been so hot and he said it happened usually in the cold. So maybe that's why it happened today for the first time. It was colder today.

The program went well today still. We weren't running as fast or as hard as previous days but we still made it through. We didn't get off track at all. I tried to listen to the beeping cues really hard so that we would stay on track with the timing.

The only concerns I have right now are my knees. They started hurting yesterday and were still a little swollen today. I can feel fluid inside of them; this is similar to what happens to my knees when I downhill ski. I think it may be time to ice them. I only hope this doesn't get worse because I want to keep running! Anyone know if it is common for runners to have sore knees?

Husband S also mentioned taking an extra day off to recover. We've been doing the program every other day. This will allow us to get ahead of schedule. Technically you are only supposed to do the program 3x per week, so we could take an extra day off if necessary.

Well, that's all I have for today. Make sure to enter my contest below!

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