Monday, August 23, 2010


Week 2! Today was the first big change in the program! 5 minute warm-up, followed by 6 sessions of the following: 90 second run/jog and 2 minute walk. Lastly, there was a 5 minute walk to cool-down.

The weather was hot and humid again today. says it was only 83 degrees but I swear with the full sun and clear skies it felt much hotter than that when we were running at 5pm.

We ran on the city trail again today. There were actually a lot of other people out on the trail too. I think it was a busy time since people were using the trails to get home from work. I felt pretty special to have other people see me running! I'm starting to become a real runner.

Overall I would say the run today wasn't that difficult. I remember I was super scared when I saw the week 2 itinerary when I started this program. 90 seconds seemed like a long time to run! But it wasn't so bad at all. The heat actually made it feel better because my muscles were more relaxed (I haven't had any of the pain lately that I had felt back on W1D1 and W1D2). I actually ran pretty fast for one of the 90 second legs. Husband S didn't even have to push me. He was pretty surprised when he saw me running so fast. He gave me a big high five after that leg. It was harder to run on the next leg since I was so tired from pushing myself during the previous 90 second leg. I still have to learn to do things in moderation so I can be consistent with my speed and efforts among all running sessions.

I'm excited for Wednesday and I'm proud that I haven't given up on this yet! This program really works so far! I will keep on running! Today I even told Husband S about my long-term goals --- run the 5K by our first wedding anniversary in October and hopefully run a 10K by our second wedding anniversary in October 2011 (with more 5Ks sprinkled in between that time too, if I like them enough). The last thing I want is to train for this one 5K and then just stop after that. I want to keep running or training, so I think training for a 10K would be the best bet for our next step?? We'll see what happens. I haven't researched the 10K training program at all yet so I don't know what it entails. But so far I LOVE what we have been doing with the C25K program!

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