Sunday, October 17, 2010


Today was our 1 year anniversary and we ran a 5K!!!!! We skipped the week 9 sessions of 30 minutes and just went straight for the 5K today. We ran it up at our alma mater (the college we met at 5.5 years ago). This was our first time not running on the trails in our current town and I think it went well. We didn't run in an official race because there weren't any going on this weekend; we just ran it on our own using Husband S's iphone nike plus app.

The weather was in the 50's and pretty sunny when we ran around noon. But it was cool and I still wore my Nike running jacket for part of the run. The run wasn't so bad but at times it felt pretty long just because we didn't know the route. I knew the route would hit up with another trail eventually but it took longer than I thought it would to get to that trail. The scariest part was running over the foot bridge that goes over the Interstate (with cars and trucks going 75mph below you). I kind of have a fear of open bridges like that so it was almost harder for me to run over that bridge each way than it was to run the whole 5K. I just held onto Husband S's arm and didn't look down at the cars going below me, praying to God the whole time that the wooden bridge didn't fall down or something like that. It was pretty hard on the second half of the run because there were more uphill segments on the way back. Husband S kept telling me our distance and I felt like we were stuck around 3.6 km forever. It just took forever to get to 4km. The last 0.5km went by pretty fast. I actually thought we were going to have to run a bit further at the end but then the iphone said "Congratulations you have finished your 5K". And then Lance Armstrong came on and said something about it being a new personal best (that's because it's our only personal best at this time)!

I bet you want to know our time? I'm pretty proud of it. It was my goal to run our first 5K in under 35 minutes and we did just that. We ran it in 34:48. Pretty impressive for a first time 5K. We were both proud of what we've accomplished. I asked Husband S what he would have thought if a year ago on our wedding day I had told him we'd be running a 5K in a year. He said he wouldn't have believed me back then. I don't think I would have believed myself back then either!

We took a picture of ourselves just after we finished our race. We felt very accomplished but probably look tired since we are all red in the face. I'll upload it tomorrow if I get a chance. It's too late at night to pull out all the camera cords right now.

This just goes to show that anyone can become a runner! Even two lazy grad students who always hated running and couldn't even run a mile back in gym class in middle school or high school!

This RUNNER is going to bed now after a long but successful day! Goodnight all and good luck to everyone else still in the program! Keep on running!

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  1. Congrats, runner! You've just accomplished something huge!